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ava, elizabeth lennox

Ava (Halliday Hotels #1) by Elizabeth Lennox – Free eBooks Download


She was being hunted!

The idea of an art exhibit in the ballroom of their headquarters hotel had seemed like a brilliant idea. Ava Halliday only wanted to introduce local artists to potential art lovers. What she hadn’t anticipated was the local thug, Willy Zanika, wanting to use her exhibit as a money laundering event!
Needing help, Ava turned to the only person she knew who could help her; Grant Hanover had been friends with Willy a long time ago. Of course, Grant had also been her first…and only…love.
As the black sheep in a family filled with over-achievers, Ava desperately wanted to show her oldest brother that he could rely upon her. But would Grant help her? Or was he still angry about their breakup? And if he did help her, could she keep her feelings for Grant a secret?
Grant watched the beautiful woman pace in the lobby of his building and all of the old feelings tumbled right back. Ava! She was even more beautiful now than she’d been years ago. And she needed his help? Hell yes! Could he somehow convince her to give their relationship another try?

Would he survive if she said no?

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