Autumn Queens & Shadows by Wendy Heiss (ePUB)

autumn queen shadows, wendy heiss

Autumn Queens & Shadows (The Auran Chronicles #4) by Wendy Heiss – Free eBooks Download


In a god-blessed realm where old ghosts lay resting but not gone, Thora remains the most haunted.

Now queen of Isjord, she’s helped her kingdom thrive back into its once glorious days that old kings had tarnished with greed and a need for power. For ten years, Thora has ruled with a steady reign, but one that has always been doubted by a few who still wish to see old kings take her throne. When the new queen of the Islines rises to lay claim on Isjord as a true heir of pure Krigborn blood, many begin taking her side.

The old will fight the new.
And the new will face the old, which was buried in shallow graves.

Much will be at stake as Iskyla Krigborn begins crawling through the foundations that Thora tried hard to set. But the closer they get to her, the darker and thicker the shadows around her become, the nearer and angrier their master grows. Strangers once friends now become allies who will raise ice and the dead as aid to the new threats of war.

While peace slips away into the hands of greed, which Ice Queen will lose control of it first?

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