Aurum Dragon by Amelia Jade (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

aurum dragon, amelia jade, epub, pdf, mobi, download

Aurum Dragon (Dragons of Cadia #3) by Amelia Jade – Free eBooks Download


Daxxton Ryker, Wing Commander of Top Scale Academy, had finally found somewhere he could make a difference. By training future generations of dragons to help protect his homeland of Cadia, he hoped to make up for the mistakes of his past. But when he arrives at the borders of his homeland to respond to a distress call, the last thing he expected was her. After centuries of believing he had lost his only chance at love, it turns out he might have been wrong. Very wrong.

As head of security for the Princess of Tanith, Miranda Pyke has been exposed to many powerful figures over the years. But none of them have stolen her breath like the tall, golden-skinned shifter from Cadia. Despite her intense focus on her job, the handsome dragon with the quick wit never strays far from her mind. She knew it would only take one slip on her part for things to get out of control…

Can the pair fight off the relentless mercenary’s intent on kidnapping the princess, while still managing to discover just how deep their feelings for each other run? And when the time comes for the truth to be laid bare, how will Daxxton cope with the secret she’s been hiding the entire time?

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