Atargus’ Mate by Eden Ember (ePUB)

atargus' mate, eden ember

Atargus’ Mate (Alien Legends #2) by Eden Ember – Free eBooks Download


The smoking hot blue alien captured my heart despite my intent not to fall in love.
My only goal is to find Briel. She came to the Starlight Matchmaking Agency in New York and simply vanished without a trace. I will not sit back and do nothing, not since I found Starlight Matchmaking Agency in Chicago. I’ll do anything to find my friend.

I chose YES and here I am, on a spaceship traveling in hyper-speed to a planet to meet my match. Did I say he’s also royalty? A prince with blue skin, but his captain is oh, so desirable. No human male can compete with his physique. I’m not here for the match, I’m here to find Briel.

I admit to Captain Atargus why I chose yes. What’s it to him if I’m not really interested in meeting the Prince of Eradau? The attraction to the captain of the Astral Express pulls at my heart instead. I’m not sure I want to meet the pompous Prince anyway. I’d rather have some fun since I’m here with the Captain.

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