Ashes of Black Oak by Monique Edenwood (ePUB)

ashes black oak, monique edenwood

Ashes of Black Oak (Black Oak #5) by Monique Edenwood – Free eBooks Download


I have one goal.
Have him set them free.
Nothing else matters now.
But to do it, I have to speak to him, alone. Have to convince a dark lord to give up power.
To plead for their freedom, I must spend time in his lair, watching the beast as it watches me, studies me, finds ways in…
Bonded by trauma, our words take on new meaning, leading us to places as yet unexplored.
His face morphs before me, the treacherous starlight in his eyes drawing me in.
And I can’t escape the truth–that the measured touch of this man so dangerous makes me shiver, in fear, and in something else…
He speaks to me. He sees me. He protects me. He moves me.
I see blood in my nightmares, the blood of men I love.
I have to convince him to let them go, but to do so, I have to resist the devil.

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