As White as Snow by Charity Parkerson (ePUB)

white as snow, charity parkerson

As White as Snow (Damaged Devils #13) by Charity Parkerson – Free eBooks Download


Snow broke Quentin and everything good they had. Now he’s determined to have it all back. He doesn’t know what he’s asking.
The night Snow declared his love for Quentin, he also betrayed him. Quentin has used that night as fuel to reclaim his life. But more times than he can count, he’s wondered if he was wrong about what happened. Now Snow is back, wanting to reclaim him. That might get uglier than he thinks.
Snow never intended to hurt Quentin. In fact, his actions that night were meant to protect him. He took his punishment, but now Quentin is making moves like he intends to leave Snow behind. That will never happen. Quentin belongs to him and it’s time for him to accept it.

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