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Arts and Witchcraft (Midwest Monsters #1) by Dakota Rebel – Free eBooks Download


Fun fact, they’re still running witches out Salem, even in the twenty-first century. So, after being chased from their home by people with actual pitchforks, the LaFey triplets have settled down in a small town in northern Michigan.
Unfortunately, the saying is true. There’s no rest for the wicked…witches.
Mindi –
All I wanted was a normal life. And I thought we’d finally found that here. I got a job at the local elementary school and was just about settled when a new principal came in, looking to shake things up.
I’m shook alright. There’s something going on with this guy that I just can’t put my talon on. His wolfish grin, devilish good looks and snake like charm are all adding up to no good.
Booker –
They say trouble always comes in threes, and from where I’m sitting, the LaFey Triplets are nothing but, with a capital T. Especially the school’s kindergarten teacher, Mindi.
I’d thought I was escaping my curse by running away to this scenic town in the middle of nowhere. But now I can’t shake the feeling that something wicked this way comes.

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