Artist Seeks Mountain Man by Marley Michaels (ePUB)

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Artist Seeks Mountain Man (Bear Mountain Brothers #3) by Marley Michaels – Free eBooks Download


Indiana Rose is on a mission to find her muse—or anything really—to get her artistic juices flowing again. And when she sees a house for lease in a small Alaskan mountain town, she can’t think of anything more perfect and signs up on the spot.
Leaving the city for the mountains seems like a dream come true at first. Until the day a grumpy, stick-in-the-mud cop knocks on her door with a noise complaint from her non-Janis-loving busy-body neighbor.

Nash Carson sees black and white. He’s always been a stickler for schedules, rules, and fitting everything inside a nice, neat, organized box. He’s also the biggest naysayer out of all of the Bear Mountain homestead’s founding sons. In his mind there’s no such thing as the mountain’s call.
When he feels something thrumming under his skin the moment he sets eyes on the town’s colorful and enigmatic new resident, he puts it down to food poisoning and refuses to believe this willful artist was called to Bear Mountain just for him.

As always, the call is never without purpose, and together with a little matchmaking, a whole lot of stubborn determination, bronies, and bearicorns, the grumpy cop starts to wonder if the woman who makes his heart beat faster and who intrigues him more than he cares to admit, is the woman he never knew he needed.

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