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Artifacts (Intrinsic Values #1) by Bailey Bradford – Free eBooks Download


Aldric Beamer thought working in an antique shop would be safe and boring. He never expected to find his life, or his heart, in danger.

Being the low man on the totem pole is nothing new for Aldric Beamer. The youngest of three siblings, he was always kind of the afterthought in his family. There were blessings and curses to that, but Aldric’s trying hard not to let his questionable confidence sink any lower.

He’s managed to find work in a tight field, and Aldric loves his job at Intrinsic Value. He loves it so much, he often works off the clock—or maybe he just doesn’t want to go home to his empty apartment.

Aldric’s devoted to his job, and he’s slowly learning to trust his boss and coworkers. Then things begin to happen, bad things. First there’s the vandalism, then Aldric is attacked, and all the security Aldric thought he had vanished with the crash of a fist to his face.

Officer Darrell Jenkins takes one look at the beautiful, bruised man he finds behind an antique store, and something in his heart melts. It scares him, and he’s brisk when he should have been compassionate.

Aldric’s no pushover, though. He’s had enough of being ignored and treated like he doesn’t matter as much as everyone else. And he’ll make damn sure Officer Jenkins doesn’t dismiss him, in any way.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of violence and non-sexual assault. There are expressions of homophobia by several characters, mentions of non-nurturing parenting, references to addiction and a scene of attempted abduction.

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