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One brush with darkness was enough. Another taste of him might kill me.
Some things are fun once.
Like sleeping with the bad boy you know you shouldn’t touch.
Other things aren’t as exciting…
Like running for your life when his enemies come after you.
He was the only thing that could ruin the life I’d set up.
Piece by piece, moment by moment, I’d finally gotten everything set up.
I had a good job, a good home.
I could forget about the horrible things I’d seen and suffered.
And then Arsen came barging in.
He’s a bull in a china shop.
All he cares about is screwing and fighting.
And as luck would have it, his sights are locked in on me.
He won’t take no for an answer.
And as much as I hate to admit it…
The only answer I want to give him is yes.
But I can’t open up to a man like him.
He’s got enemies, bad people who want him six feet under.
If I get involved with Arsen, it could very well be the last thing I ever do.
So here’s the million dollar question…
Despite all that, why am I naked in his bed again?

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