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arik's mate, em colllins

Arik’s Mate by Em Collins – Free eBooks Download


Abbie is somewhat content with her boring life. She has television and pints of chocolate ice cream in her freezer. If that doesn’t make her happy, then what would? Deep down inside of herself, she craves adventure. She signs up for her professor’s excavation because she wants to do something exciting this summer, but she ends up in a mud pit that has the unmistakable aroma of pig crap. She should have stayed home and eaten her ice cream while she rewatched her favorite shows. If she had, maybe she wouldn’t have been kidnapped by a creepy old guy. Now, she’s stuck in another dimension and surrounded by arrogant and obnoxious cavemen. To make matters worse, the only way for her to get home is if the evil sorceress is willing to help her. And that doesn’t seem likely.
Even if she can manage to convince the sorceress to help her, can she leave the jerk who just so happened to make her fall in love with him?

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