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Arian (The Guzun Bratva #3) by Linzi Basset – Free eBooks Download


Arian, named the Godfather of the EU Bratvas, believed in equality… of power and responsibility. Arian, Vadim, and Vanya, leaders of the Guzun Bratva, ruled Moldova as a team.

Arian Guzun:
I don’t live with regrets, no matter how many scatter the road I have walked. Shit happens, I accept it and move on. Except when it comes to the Family. For my mother and siblings I will kill, and as the Pakhan of the Guzun Bratva, I am the devil incarnate.
Now, I stand at a crossroad. The woman who broke my heart ten years ago needs my help. Let me set the record straight. I don’t love her, nor do I hate her, so don’t expect a happily ever after once I find her. The conundrum I am facing is whether I want to help her, no matter that I feel obligated to do so.

Izolda Sidorov:
The choices you make in life define the person you are. Whoever said that should come talk to me. For the past ten years I lived in a prison of my own making—because the choices I was given forced me to make a decision I have regretted ever since.
Now prison has become my reality. God knows, I don’t want to die in this shithole. There is only one man who can save me… but he hates me, so I’m doomed—death is lurking at every corner, waiting….
Amidst a battle to retain their position as one of the most feared and successful Bratva Groups in the EU, Arian is forced to face the biggest challenge yet.
Trust… and the thin line that is stretching it to snap between a man he loved like a brother and survival in a bloodied Mafia war about to erupt.
Will he come to live with regret after all?

PLEASE NOTE: Although the blurb is in first person, the book is written in third person. This series should be read in order.

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