Ares Infidels in New York by Ciara St James (ePUB)

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Ares Infidels in New York (Tenillo Guardians AIMC #11) by Ciara St James – Free eBooks Download


The Ares Infidels, along with their half of the Crazy Coven, are off to New York City for a rich, high-society wedding. They’re going to enjoy the wedding of their friends, Santa and Frankie, from the Time Served MC. It’s not just any wedding either. It’s a huge event put on by and attended by some of the biggest mobster families in the States.

They expect to see the sights, eat good food, meet new people, and have new experiences. And boy do they! Some of those things are almost more than the guys can handle when it comes to the plotting of their Crazy Coven wives. Join the club as they navigate New York and get introduced to new friends and a different way of life.

However, it wouldn’t be the Infidels without a few surprises, some danger, and new possibilities revealed, for more than one member of the club. See what might be in store in the future for those not yet lucky enough to have met their soulmate and gotten a happily ever after. New York City might never be the same once this club and their friends leave to go home to Texas!

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