Apocalyptic Winter by Kitty Siberia (ePUB)

apocalyptic winter, kitty siberia

Apocalyptic Winter by Kitty Siberia – Free eBooks Download


The Hunger Games meets Silo, Vikings and The 100, and all in a frozen apocalyptic landscape after the nuclear winter.
When Yana is kicked out of the Silo, the young librarian has only her backpack, her wits and her weak heart to help her survive. Never mind the sword, she already lost it.

Vasily tries to hide his non-human condition from his travel companions Quinn and Paro.
A Priest of The Lord of Ash, Vasily looks human, but he is part mutant and needs to drink blood and eat raw flesh to be strong and fast.
When he finds Yana, she is on the brink of death. Together with Quinn, a former gladiator slave and his two wolves, Vasily saves the girl and ends the slaver and his mutants who held her captive.
Yana is surprised by the harsh reality of the surface, it’s not anything like she grew up believing. Wild mutants Hunt in packs, the once elegant cities are only piles of rubble and batteries and fuel cells are the currency of the new world.
After being treated so badly and beaten by the first human she met, she is afraid to trust Vasily, Quinn and Paro. She befriends the two wolves, Brimstone and Spark and slowly comes to terms with the harsh and violent surface world. It’s dangerous to be a woman alone and she accepts the mens offer of protection.
They are seeking a fabled land, a land of plenty, and she joins them on their journey.
The mute Quinn is especially kind and doesn’t judge the girl.
Vasily bonds with her over their love for stories and Paro, well, he still wants to send her away. He insists she is a danger to them, a moving target.
Will they find their way to The Green Place?
Will Yana find a home and family with those rugged men?

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