AnyFANG for Him by J. D. Light (ePUB)

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AnyFANG for Him (CREA #5) by J. D. Light – Free eBooks Download


Fagan’s father is the alpha of his pit,… and he’s sick, and only seems to be getting worse. The healer that comes to the viper pit every few weeks, can’t seem to figure out why a shifter would be getting so ill, so Fagan goes to Purdy, looking for help. He didn’t expect to find a human healer ready and willing to walk smack into the middle of a viper pit to help, but he’s beginning to think Waters is either extremely brave or completely insane. Either way, he’ll have to prepare the human, just in case the worse happens and he’s bitten by a deadly viper. That means biting him over and over until he becomes immune. The problem is, a shifter’s bite can affect the person they are biting two way. Immense pain, usually used during torture and… pleasure. Waters will take the pleasure, thank you. But after so much time and their countless intimate encounters, how will either man handle it when Fagan’s father is better, and Waters has to go back to Purdy?

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