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anubis, alessa thorn

Anubis (Gods of the Duat #3) by Alessa Thorn – Free eBooks Download


Anubis, God of The Dead, is missing a piece of his soul, and he knows just the archaeologist to help him find it. He only needs to convince her of that…

ANUBIS is the third book in the new series ‘Gods of the Duat’ that centers around the Egyptian gods of war, magic, and the dead. Perfect for fans of C N Crawford and Laura Thalassa, or anyone who loves god heroes and plucky archaeologist heroines searching for treasure and their own HEA.
After five thousand years living as a jackal, Anubis has managed to get back into his god form. He needs to find the stolen piece of his soul and go back to the Duat where he belongs, but trying to navigate the new world he’s woken up in is more complicated than it seems. He’s going to need someone who knows how to dig for lost pieces of the past, and his new aunties concoct the perfect cover to help him.

When Dr. Tahirah Eskander meets Anubis Akhom, she thinks he’s going to be just like every other bored, rich investor looking to add an archaeological dig to his portfolio. So what if he refers to himself as a death expert and is hot enough to make panties drop wherever he goes? She doesn’t need some amateur interfering at the tomb site that she’s devoted her life to.
Forced to work closely together, Tahirah will learn that Anubis isn’t what he seems and that he might just be the key to unraveling the lost secrets of the past and her own complicated heart.

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