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It was never meant to be more.
But somehow it was, and suddenly we were two halves of a whole.
Even if it was forbidden.
Oliver Scott swept me off my feet and flipped my world upside down, only to break my heart. When my mother died, I told him I wanted nothing to do with him, that he was dead to me.
I lost her because of him.
Somewhere along the way, Oliver needed the drugs more than he needed me. And I paid for the consequences of his actions.
The problem is, even through the pain of his mistake and my hate for him, something deeper still lingers between us.
A second chance was never in the cards for us, until it was. But my feelings of betrayal still simmer in the background, making it hard to forgive him.
I’m gambling with my sanity, knowing he could ruin me.
The worst part?
I want him to.
Because I want nothing more than to make him mine.
It’s always been him.

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