Angel’s Fate: The Complete Series by Tessa Cole (ePUB)

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Angel’s Fate: The Complete Series by Tessa Cole – Free eBooks Download


Saving him was her first mistake…

Be a good angel, Amiah. Be patient, Amiah. Someone’s out there who’ll awaken and complete your soul bond. It’ll be beautiful. It’ll be…
The worst possible thing that could happen.
Because a soul bond is no fairy tale. It’s a prison. It didn’t awaken for the man I was so sure was my fated mate, the man I’d fallen in love with, and now I’m looking at a future of being permanently bonded with a stranger I don’t love.
But before I can figure out how or if breaking my incomplete bond is even possible, Titus, the last dragon shifter, falls out of the sky and my healing magic accidentally leashes us together.
If we’re separated, we both die.
Now we — along with Cassius, my best friend and a top JP agent, and Sebastian, a fae sorcerer who just won’t stop hitting on me even though I know he doesn’t really mean it — are being hunted by all of Fairy.
They all want to possess Titus’s unique dragon power, caging him like a beast for eternity, and all of them are willing to kill everyone in their way to have him.
But I won’t let them have him. He, like me, shouldn’t be imprisoned because of horrible circumstances.
Except if they can’t have him, they won’t hesitate to kill him… and take me down with him.

Angel’s Fate: The Complete Series contains all six books — Fated Bonds, Fated Winter, Fated Fear, Fate Despair, Fated Resolve, and Fated Heart. That’s over 1,000 pages of action-packed steamy paranormal romance with powerful sexy men who know how to share.

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