Angel’s Downfall By Kristen L. Proc (ePUB)

angel's downfall, kristen l proc

Angel’s Downfall (The Harder They Fall #1) by Kristen L. Proc – Free eBooks Download


My mother’s the District Attorney. I’ve lived my life in her shadow and done everything with her reputation in mind. But the second I laid eyes on him. I knew I would be breaking every rule.

He’s so bad but feels unbelievably good.
I shouldn’t let him touch me the way he is.
His words are dirty and I can’t get enough of it.

There’s sadness in those eyes that I know I can help fix.
He’s obligated to his brothers; but is that what he really wants?

He makes me feel complete and normal, exciting and free.
Is it bad that he makes me what to go against every rule?
What’s wrong with a little ‘bad’ in your life?

His name is Angel; but he’s anything but.

From the second I stepped foot in that bar; I had no idea how different my life was about to be. His very touch made my every nerve ending in my body explode. I was hypnotized by his darkness but feel in love with his light. I knew he would protect from everything; but I had no idea that what needed protection the most, was my own heart.

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