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Angelina: Blue Blood Desired (The Blue Blood Returns #4) by Stacy Eaton – Free eBooks Download


At the end of Zander, Angelina Michaels was given a choice by the breed’s mistress and her sister, to stay and be held prisoner for six months or leave the compound and survive independently. She left.

Now Angelina is determined to not only survive but to thrive in this new war-torn world. The nights are darker than ever, and the humans hunt the vampires openly, killing and torturing them in public. It has taken a lot out of Angelina to survive for the long four months in the shadows, but now after meeting a man called Gideon, things could be looking up.

It’s Angelina’s turn to find herself in the spotlight and maybe claim just a little bit of the prestige that her sister always had thrown at her feet. Will Angelina find a mate to rule beside her in the underground, or will she wait for the compound’s doors to open and get Hugh back?

The Blue Blood Returns Series is an adult paranormal romance with dark sexual situations, violence, language, and does contain cliffhangers between books.

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