An Unexpected Miracle by Alexia Chase (ePUB)

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An Unexpected Miracle by Alexia Chase – Free eBooks Download


An over-the-top, insta-love, rom-com, May-December, BBW, sexy alpha doctor, family shenanigans novella with heart!

Can an older doctor who’s been screwed over by an ex-girlfriend find love with a beautiful curvy woman who believes sex is over-rated?

Nicole Collins’ dog, Molly, just might be the answer to both their problems. The little Shih-Tzu escapes to Lucas Underwood’s garage and an epic wardrobe malfunction leaves Nicole’s curvy assets on full display.

What happens next? You must read to find out.

Will Nicole live through the mortification of having lost her robe? Can Lucas get over his insecurities of being an older man wanting a younger woman? What happens when there are two little pink lines?

A very hot doctor is in the house, and he’s carrying a BIG stethoscope.

An Unexpected Miracle is the story of Leah’s sister from Caught in the Act. Be on the look out for the next book in the series – Leah and Nicole’s brother Trey deserves his own happily ever after.

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