An Uncommon Bride to Inspire his Faith by Olivia Haywood (ePUB)

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An Uncommon Bride to Inspire his Faith by Olivia Haywood – Free eBooks Download


She is a woman who has dedicated her life to God’s ways. He’s a man that desperately needs to rediscover his lost faith. How will they bring peace and fall in love along the way?
Olivia is an orphaned young woman who grew up with a Native American tribe but she never forgot her Christian heritage. When her village is raided, she is saved by a lone rider in the desert. She tries to gather her pieces and build her life again when she realizes that both her birth parents and her foster parents were caught in a business plan that killed them. How can she let go of the betrayal and trust Adam with her heart when God’s plan for her seems so challenging?

Adam is the opinionated new marshal in town and he doesn’t agree with the Sheriff’s ways. Finding a young Christian woman dressed in Native American attire intrigues him more than he could ever imagine. He stays by her side in case something else happens to her. Discovering the vicious plan that might have caused harm in Olivia’s tribe kindles a fire of faith in his heart. Olivia has God inside her and he wants nothing more than to protect her. How can he devote his life to her when Light is always so hard to reach?
Adam and Olivia have to move mountains to stay together. God has already planned ahead for them though. How can they listen to His calling when there are men who chase them away?

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