An Impossible Love Story by Ellie Hall (ePUB)

impossible love story, ellie hall

An Impossible Love Story (Falling into Happily Ever After #4) by Ellie Hall – Free eBooks Download


Colette has a serious case of FOMO. Antonio’s motto is YOLO. When their paths cross could it be ILU forever?
This is supposed to be a summer to remember as I work my way through Europe with a bucket list I hoped would give me closure. But when I get stranded, neither my southern charm nor my sassy mouth can talk me out of trouble.
Except when trouble is tall, dark, and Italian…a handsome heartthrob, a hero, a hottie. Kidding. That’s the sweltering heat going to my head. I’ll just go grab another gelato to cool off.
However, the list repeatedly leads me to Antonio. Well, the bucket list and the love list—a silly thing my friends packed in my luggage, claiming that when I found a guy that met the criteria, I’d also fall in love.
I didn’t have the guts to tell them that I’m not looking. They don’t know about my past. However, it turns out that I am a sucker for adventures along quaint cobblestone streets, coins tossed in fountains, and a certain pair of brown eyes. That love list? Check, check, and check.
When Antonio tells me the way he feels, there’s no need to translate. The thing is, I feel the same way. But do I dare risk my heart again and take a detour that might mean HEA?

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