An Ex-Hero’s Guide to Axe Handling by Jenn Burke (ePUB)

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An Ex-Hero’s Guide to Axe Handling (Subparheroes) by Jenn Burke – Free eBooks Download


No more Mr. Nice Hero

Ex-hero Ward Sullivan used to be a household name before his career went up in smoke. Now he’s stuck hunting for the cause of mysterious fires in Northern Ontario. Worse still is his new partner, an overly cheery Canadian named Devlin Campbell.
Dev’s a lumberjack and he’s okay with that. It sure beats working in an office where his not-so-super power forced everyone to be nice to him. Partnering with the famous ex-hero Firefox is a dream come true. Not only is he one of Dev’s idols, he’s immune to his niceness.
Dev’s upbeat vibe soothes Ward’s grumpy soul, but he’d never admit it. Nor would he admit that he really likes the way Dev handles an axe. But when a threat from the past comes roaring into Ward’s present, it’s no more Mr. Nice Hero. Ward may have to give up a future with the nicest guy he knows to save the world one last time.

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  • An Ex-Hero’s Guide to Axe Handling – Jenn Burke ePUB



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