An Earl’s Eternal Destiny by Bridget Barton (ePUB)

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An Earl’s Eternal Destiny by Bridget Barton – Free eBooks Download


Following an unfortunate event that compromised her reputation, Sarah Kingston was forced to retreat to a small seaside town. When Henry Stewart, the Earl of Lakefield and the man she once loved, comes back to her life, Sarah struggles to deal with what is in her heart. Even though she feels the spark still burning for him, she knows better than anyone that nothing could change the past. Will Sarah find the strength to go against the odds and change her ill fate?

A broken heart and a righteous Earl…

After Sarah ran away from him two years ago, Henry decided to live in solitude, until the day he crossed paths with her again. From that moment on, he cannot stop daydreaming about his old love, but his deep scars do not let him trust her again that easily. To make matters worse, he knows that a relationship with her would tarnish his status forever. Will Henry be strong enough to turn away from the only woman he has ever loved? Or will he risk it all and give love a second chance?

A love that could never be buried…

As Sarah and Henry’s fate brings them together again and again, they will not only have to face their repressed feelings, but also their past that keeps emerging and reminding them of what they could be. As if this was not enough, a heartless rake will threaten to tear them apart once again. Will Henry save Sarah from the man who scarred her life with his capricious whims? Will the two soulmates defy everyone opposing their love?

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