An Artisan’s Melodic Love by Abigail Agar (ePUB)

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An Artisan’s Melodic Love by Abigail Agar – Free eBooks Download


For the gifted Nell Hawkins, life beyond her cottage remains a mystery. Even though her overprotective mother is trying to keep her away from the outside world, Nell’s fate has other plans. After all, her devotion and love for making instruments and rescuing animals, were never enough to stop her dreaming of the exciting life out there.

Will her unexpected encounter with a charming stranger be the start of a journey towards the freedom she is craving for?

The daring Lord Henry Collins knows his place. As the future Earl of Rosewell, he must prove he is worthy of inheriting his father’s position and title. Yet, when he loses his way in the woods, he becomes enchanted by the most hauntingly beautiful sound he has ever heard. Little did he know that this magical melody comes from a strange instrument made by a young woman, who will irreversibly change his life forever.

Will he risk his title and reputation for a chance at true, unconditional love with a commoner?

As Nell’s and Henry’s different worlds collide, they know that their parents will never approve of their match, but it is too late to escape their strong attraction. Despite being determined to embrace their feelings and meet in secret, a hidden reality from the past will soon jeopardize their happiness. Torn between love and duty, will Nell and Henry manage to overcome their family’s prejudice and finally dream of their own happily ever after?

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