An Arranged Betrothal with an Icy Duke by Sally Forbes (ePUB)

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An Arranged Betrothal with an Icy Duke (Marriages Under Conditions #7) by Sally Forbes – Free eBooks Download


He’s a beastly duke with a heart of ice, she’s a kind-hearted beauty who melts his defenses…

Miss Edith Tidemore, a gentle soul with a passion for music and a love for the less fortunate, has always dreamed of finding true love and happiness. But when her ambitious father arranges a marriage to the notorious Duke of Fairglen, Edith finds herself thrust into a world of wealth, power, and dark secrets. Determined to make the best of her new life, Edith sets out to uncover the gentleman behind the beastly facade, never imagining the depths of love and devotion she would find within his wounded heart.
Henry Fitzhugh, the Duke of Fairglen, is a gentleman haunted by his past, his heart hardened by betrayal and pain. Known for his fierce temper and beastly demeanor, he has long since given up on the idea of love, content to live a life of solitude and duty. But when Edith enters his world, her gentle spirit and unwavering compassion begin to chip away at the walls he has built around his heart, forcing him to confront the demons of his past and the promise of a brighter future.
As secrets threaten to tear them apart and the ghosts of Henry’s past loom large, Edith and Henry must learn to trust in the power of their love and the strength of their bond. Together, they’ll need all the courage and devotion they can muster to unravel the web of deceit that surrounds them and claim the happiness they both so richly deserve. In the face of adversity, they discover that their greatest treasure is the love they share, which has the power to heal even the deepest of wounds and transform the coldest of hearts.

“An Arranged Betrothal with an Icy Duke ” is a historical romance novel you will love. Get ready to be whisked away this month by a delightful historical regency romance.
No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happily ever after full of romance.

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