An Answer for Anne by Danni Roan (ePUB)

answer for anne, danni roan

An Answer for Anne (Whispers in Wyoming #30) by Danni Roan – Free eBooks Download


Ann Evans has watched her best friend find true love, but while she has had a few fun flings, Anne’s heart remains cold. Trying to keep a watchful eye on her best friend leads Anne into a chance encounter in an unexpected place, bringing Anne face to face with a memory she was sure had been a dream. Confused by a relationship that doesn’t seem real, Anne seeks refuge at the Broken J ranch but will a man with a heart full of hope follow her there?

Henry Hayworth isn’t looking for love, but when a pretty young woman slips into the pew next to him at church, he is shocked to realize that they have met before. Cheerful and easy-going Henry quickly realizes that she doesn’t recognize the skinny boy for the man he has become.

Will time, patience, and a dedication to Christ be enough to help her realize that true love exists and that a stolen kiss from years gone by can still meld their heart?

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