An Alpha’s Commitment by R. Gaen (ePUB)

alpha's commitment, r gaen

An Alpha’s Commitment (Leongatha Pack Tales #2) by R. Gaen – Free eBooks Download


‘I trembled. I could refuse this man nothing. I was his omega, and my greatest desire was to please him.’

After being rescued by Talius and physically recovered from his trauma, Isca has formed a triad with the Alpha and his mate. But Isca struggles to accept his place. It’s hard to believe you’re valued, when all you’ve heard for years is how useless you are.
Talius and Irian have been mates for years and share a telepathic connection forged by their mating bond. Talius would like a similar bond with Isca, but Isca is still mated to the sadistic Alpha who left him for dead months ago. A mating bond between shifters is unbreakable, so despite the mating having been non-consensual, Isca will always be bound to his cruel mate.
But Talius is determined to find a way to break the bond and make sure his second omega gets all the benefits of mating.
Will he succeed or will Isca always feel the odd one out?

Content warnings: explicit MM and MMM intimate scenes, a panic attack, mild dominance and submission, shibari, voyeurism, references to a previous sexual assault & previous domestic abuse.
Note: this book is best read after ‘The Sad Omega’, and is low angst and contains more spice.

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