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always you, j morales

Always You (The Delgado Brothers #1) by J. Morales – Free eBooks Download


Mila Amaro returns to her hometown of California five years later, hoping for a new beginning to liberate her from the past life she once lived in California, between establishing a new business and dating Brian, the gorgeous barista. It seems she’s finally leaving her previous life behind.
Then life comes crashing down when she collides with the man of her past. The man she gave her heart to, who promised to love her fiercely, is now engaged to another woman.
As the lies from their past unravel and he discovers the truth as to why she disappeared from his life, he asks for her forgiveness, and Mila tells herself she wants nothing more to do with him. Even if he is the very picture of temptation. He wants a second chance, threatening the new beginning she hoped to find.
Should she give him a second chance? Or does she really love her newfound love more, and is he the safer choice? If she gives in, will her heart survive?

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