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ALSO (Cosmic Coffee #1) by Ophelia Leigh – Free eBooks Download


The last thing 26-year-old barista Grace Robinson wants is to go to speed dating, but it beats another Friday night sitting around playing third wheel to her roommate and her D&D-loving boyfriend.

The last thing she expects once she gets to speed dating is to find her ideal match in a cute hipster-looking late entrant to the event. Self-professed geologist Rhodes has the uncanny ability to get into her mind and take it to some very amazing—not to mention blush-inducing—places, all at the touch of his hand. Fantasy worlds with beings she can’t describe, colors she’s never envisioned, sensations she’s never felt so deeply. She immediately decides she’s up for more of that, please, with an infinity-flavored cherry on top. They agree to a date. In parting, Rhodes gifts her a…rock? With instructions to keep it bathed in moonlight, but out of the sun at all cost. That only piques Grace’s curiosity even more.
On their date, Rhodes invites Grace to leave with him immediately on an unspecified journey. Grace is all in. Their every adventure turns into an amazing misadventure in time, space, and places she’s never dreamed of, never mind imagined visiting. When she discovers the secret to using a whole lot more of her brain than she normally would, things really heat up. It’s all fun times when circumstances aren’t turning her upside down—literally—and the universe stops racing for just a moment. Grace will discover exactly what she’s volunteered for, but it will take all her wits, all her ingenuity, all her coffee-brewing skills, and then some.

As long as she can get used to the wormholes.

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