Alpha’s Arranged Mate by Mia Wolf (ePUB)

arranged mate, mia wolf

Alpha’s Arranged Mate (Silverdale Wolves #9) by Mia Wolf – Free eBooks Download


He’s the alpha of the enemy pack. His arranged mate is drawn in a lottery. It’s me.
I didn’t put my name in. But someone did. Our ritual wedding is supposed to bring peace.
No one knows of my betrayal. That I once did unspeakable things with him.
Our love used to be forbidden. Now it’s forced.
He’s the hottest single dad I’ve ever seen, but I try not to look.
I’d hoped I’d gotten over him, but now I’m back on this rollercoaster.
I know I’m just a means to an end for him, just a delicious game he likes to play.
A toy to do with as he pleases. And yet I can’t help but be his willing pawn.
Our ritual alliance wedding is supposed to take place under the full moon.
His demon wolves tell me he’ll never love me.
But they don’t know what happened that day in the dungeons.
They don’t know what he does to me when we’re alone. Will he betray me in the end?
Or will the alpha claim me for real?

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