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Alpha Versus Omega (Bangers & Mash #6) by MM Farmer – Free eBooks Download


Love is a battlefield when two bitter rivals on the battle robot circuit are stuck together during an emergency heat…

I’ve spent the last ten years of my life fighting my way to the top of the academic world and breaking glass ceilings for omegas everywhere, and now I can’t help but feel like my bid for tenure in the Engineering department of Barrington University hinges on me winning this battle robot competition. And it’s just my luck that I’ve been pitted against my bitter rival, alpha Raymond Jessup, in the very first round.
But that’s nothing to the fact that my heat sneaks up on me and hits at the most inconvenient time possible. And the ESA who shows up to provide emergency services? You guessed it—Ray.

My dreams of owning my own electronics shop hinged on the prize money I could have won at this robotics competition, and when that weaselly omega, Cooper Plant, destroys my beloved robot, Jimmy, in the first round, all hope seems lost. At least I can pick up a few extra bucks by taking a heat call on short notice.
And when that call turns out to be for Coop? Well, let’s just say this is going to be one “interesting” ESA call.
But Coop and I have bigger problems when we get a second chance in the arena. Has heat changed the dynamic between us, and can we stop fighting long enough to battle a bigger enemy?

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