Alpha Moonstone by Bethany Shaw (ePUB)

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Alpha Moonstone (Rejected Vampire Mate) by Bethany Shaw – Free eBooks Download


The day I meet my fated mate is the day I learn I have to kill her.

As alpha of the Moonstone Pack, I live by duty and honor to my pack. Vampires are the enemy. They brutally murdered my mother and sister, and I vowed to never lose another member of my pack to them. I’ve staked every vampire I’ve come across. Until I meet her. Anya is my mate. My one true love. I was too late to save her from the rabid vampire that attacked her. She’s been bitten and is turning into one of them. Vampires are ruthless and manipulative, but she seems different. I want to trust her, but I can’t forget what she is, and it will put the entire pack in danger. How do I choose between protecting my pack and my mate?

My mom always said when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. All I do is make lemonade. I got passed up for a promotion… again, dumped by my boyfriend, and had my car broken into. And that’s just this week. To top it off, I get attacked. I think I’m going to die. Except, I don’t. I’m saved by a gorgeous werewolf. The problem: I’m turning into a vampire and now he has to kill me. I don’t want to die, and I don’t want to be a monster, either. I’d love to get to know my hot savior, Jensen, if he’d let me live long enough. Can I prove him wrong about vampires or will I turn into the crazed monster he thinks I am?

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