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Alpha Games (Mating Season #2) by Heather K. Carson – Free eBooks Download


I may have sold my soul to pass the Luna Trials and earn my place on Mating Season, but I’m going to prove to everyone on this show that I’m not afraid of them.
I belong here and I swear I’ll make whoever threatened me pay, just as soon as I figure out how to ditch the dangerously sexy Alpha who won’t let another male look in my direction.
Ranger is a red flag walking. His dark past follows him like shadows. He calls to my beast in a way I can’t understand.
I know I shouldn’t want him.
Now if only my wolf would agree…

Time is running out and control is slipping from my grasp. I thought I wanted revenge, but Aspen being here changes everything.
I have two weeks to play the Alpha Games and convince her she is mine before the rut takes over and we lose our minds to the biological urges of our beasts.
I will win this season–one way or another.
And I’ll do whatever it takes to walk away with Aspen as my prize.

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