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Alpha Bonds (Alpha Horde #2) by Milana Jacks – Free eBooks Download


He should nip the desire in the bud, but it’s grown beyond control.

One second, I’m battling an overgrown hedge with a pair of clippers. The next, I’m running for my life, positive I’ve stumbled onto a prank reality show set, complete with a towering, red-haired guy in costume who throws me over his shoulder like I weigh nothing—I’m a big girl, never been thin.
Half of me is horrified to find out I’ve somehow been transported to an alien planet. The other half would sure like to explore the masterpiece of muscle under that armor.

Horde life is simple. Hunt the enemy, kill the enemy. But after Loven broke the law by bonding an Omega meant for the king, life got real complicated. Instead of exterminating Telean rebels, I’m playing nice to recruit them for Loven’s stupid rebellion.
Then I make a big mistake. Huge. I rescue a helpless human, only to discover this curvy, tempting morsel is an Omega about to send me into a rut. Fleeing the Telean ship and returning her to the Horde stronghold means abandoning the Telean alliance—and destroying everything we’ve risked our lives for.
I should nip this desire in the bud, but it’s grown beyond my control.

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