Alpha Bear’s Secret by Aline Ash (ePUB)

bear's secret, aline ash

Alpha Bear’s Secret (Bears of Angel Fire #1) by Aline Ash – Free eBooks Download


Clarissa Dodge has a big and not-so-everyday problem. Three years ago, the curvy, professional skier left the small mountainside town of Angel Fire behind—and with it the man who she had a wild, passionate affair with, Miguel Ruiz.
At the time, she’d thought their lustful nights together were just a fling, and she’d always remember the gorgeous, six-foot, ripped Adonis, with the most otherworldly, near-black eyes.
But nine months later, baby Lucas came into the world. Thinking Miguel wouldn’t want anything to do with him, Clarissa chose to raise her son alone.
Until Lucas started to change. Little things like growling, biting, and extreme hair growth.
So, needing answers, she heads back to Angel Fire. And in the town, kissed by winter and mystery, Clarissa will find out things that she can hardly bear.
Bear shifter Miguel Ruiz had always rolled his eyes at bullshit like love-at-first-sight. Even if shifters had fated mates, he didn’t think anyone could just look at another person and fall in love. And yet, the moment he’d first met Clarissa, her honey-brown eyes, sumptuous lips, natural scent, and tanned skin had made him fall head over paws.
After she’d left Angel Fire, his heart was never the same. He refused his right as Alpha of his pack and withdrew from the community…
Until now. The day Clarissa shows up again out of the blue.
Miguel doesn’t know why she’s looking for him, but he does know that they’re fated mates, and nothing is going to separate them ever again.

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