Alpha Bait: Three Werewolves for Dylan by D.J. Heart (ePUB)

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Alpha Bait: Three Werewolves for Dylan by D.J. Heart – Free eBooks Download


Can one human handle three alpha werewolves? Dylan Landry is about to find out…

Dylan Landry feels like he’s walked straight into an alternate universe. Werewolves – big, muscular, alpha werewolves – are throwing themselves at him left and right, and he has no idea why.
There’s nothing special about him. He’s just your average grad student working on his thesis and trying to get by in the big city. There’s no reason for werewolf alphas to be striking up conversations, pressing close when they talk to him, and asking him out on dates while they look him up and down like they want to eat him – but they are.

It’s ridiculously confusing.

For August, Ryker and Steve, the alpha werewolves in question, there’s nothing ridiculous or confusing at all about wanting Dylan. The human smells like the word mate incarnate, and he’s so achingly perfect that the idea of not having him is too terrible to even consider. Sweet, eager to please, and unexpectedly funny, he’s everything they could ever want in a mate.
But with three of them and only one of Dylan, August, Ryker and Steve are going to have to figure out how to make this work. Someone has to be left out in the cold, and no one wants it to be them. After all, it’s not like they can share.

One human couldn’t possibly handle three alpha werewolves… could he?

(Alpha Bait is a full-length paranormal romance novel about an adorable grad student who catches the attention of three dominant alpha werewolves. The story contains evil alphas (not the main characters), pack politics, and three knot-headed alphas who fall head over heels in love with their human. The story features bondage, muscle worship and medical play. It has a happily ever after and no cliffhanger.)

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