All Tied Up Again by Kati McRae (ePUB)

all tied up, kati mcrae

All Tied Up Again (The All Tied Up Duet #2) by Kati McRae – Free eBooks Download


How many people can say they’re in love with their best friend?

Evan Simmons was the boy I always wanted, but after loving him from afar for so many years, this relationship isn’t the perfect picture I thought it would be.
These days, his attention is less focused on me and more on the dating app he’s developing. He’s even found an investor who has invited us to Los Angeles for a meeting. I’m not sure if this business trip will be a chance for Evan and me to reconnect, or if it will drive us further apart.
And it doesn’t help that his attractive investor has set his sights on me.


It took me far too long to fall in love with my best friend.
Cat Gallagher is the girl of my dreams, and she was in front of me all this time—I was just too stupid to realize it. But when she found out about my lifestyle of ropes and cuffs, she accepted me for who I am, including my darkest fantasies.
Which is why I’m going to spend the rest of my life proving myself worthy of her love. This new app I’m developing is going to be a game changer, and when I get my business off the ground, I’ll have enough money to propose to Cat. After everything I’ve put her through, she deserves a charmed life of roses and champagne.
But someone else has an interest in Cat, and if I’m not careful, he might swoop in and steal her away from me.

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