All the Wrong Pages by Katherine McIntyre (ePUB)

all wrong pages, katherine mcintyre

All the Wrong Pages (Collier’s Creek) by Katherine McIntyre – Free eBooks Download


High school rivals turned small town enemies, a meddling family, and two stubborn guys who don’t realize they’re in love…

Logan Nichols is a snarky menace.
The man has been a blight on Cooper Ellis’s life ever since high school. Not only did Logan steal Coop’s high school girlfriend, but he’s made it his mission to annoy him. Glitter pranks to his leather shop, swooping in on potential hookups, and showing up at family dinners like he belongs there—he’s nothing but trouble. And Coop can’t seem to avoid the aggravating and stupidly attractive guy.

Cooper Ellis is an overbearing jerk.
Yes, he’s hot. Yes, he’s pretty much been Logan’s main crush since he was in high school. But for some reason, the guy hates his guts, so Logan decided a long while back to just douse everything in kerosene and watch it burn. Not like it matters when the rest of the Ellis family loves him, especially his boss at the bookstore, Grandpa Ellis.

Except when Gramps breaks his leg and needs to take time off, guess who steps in to help out at the shop?
And guess who Logan can’t resist taunting until all that fire turns into an inferno neither of them stand a chance at putting out…

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