All Out of Love by Gracie Graham (ePUB)

all out love, gracie graham

All Out of Love (Boys of Riverside #3) by Gracie Graham – Free eBooks Download


My senior year was supposed to be easy. After all, I’m Graham Scott, son to a football legend and guaranteed a scholarship.
But now, I’m so far off the beaten path I barely recognize myself anymore.
My father is a cheat.
My best friend broke my heart.
And I owe ten thousand dollars in gambling debt.
The only thing I seem to find solace in anymore is the bottom of a booze bottle.
But my problems are catching up with me, and soon, I find myself making a deal with the devil, only to meet an angel in return.

Skylar Davenport.
She might be the one thing to break through the darkness, but even if I can get past her hate for me, I have one too many secrets.
And it’s only a matter of time before they start coming back to haunt me.

**Though it is recommended to read the Boys of Riverside series in order, All Out Of Love features a brand new couple and can be read as a standalone.**

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