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all my love, linda kage

All My Love (Love Mark #5) by Linda Kage – Free eBooks Download


Dori Baquet never thought her life was all that remarkable. A single waitress living in New Orleans, she was just trying to make it through the pandemic in one piece until one little brick to the head unexpectedly sucked her into an alternate dimension.

Now, she’s navigating an unfamiliar, medieval-type world called the Outer Realms, where there’s no chocolate…or books, and everyone lives in castles and rides horses while carrying around their own personal sword. If that weren’t strange enough, she learns she’s actually a descendant of the oldest, most cursed family here. Plus, she has magical abilities. But the craziness doesn’t end there.
She only got one of their love mark tattoo thingies to fit in with the locals and avoid being burned at the stake or some such atrocity.
Except the very day she realizes how to get back home, her freaking love mark alerts her to the presence of her soul mate nearby. And Dori can’t seem to resist her insatiable need to see what this dude’s like.
Meeting the King of Lowden, however, changes everything, and Dori soon learns her adventures in this oddball world are just beginning.

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