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All Is Fair In Food And War by Samantha Baca – Free eBooks Download


It all started with a competition.
If he won, I’d agree to go on a date with him.
If I won, he’d leave me alone.

Miles Sexton was the kind of guy I avoided at all costs. The man’s confidence and good looks screamed heartbreaker, and I’d had enough of that for a lifetime..
But it wasn’t easy to avoid someone when they parked their food truck right outside the upscale restaurant you worked at as the executive chef. Or when they constantly came in, asking to borrow ingredients because they failed to be prepared.
Miles got under my skin in more ways than I could count, so when he proposed the stupid cook-off, I figured it would be an easy way to get rid of him. Quick. Easy. Done.
But luck wasn’t on my side when my nosey boss found out about it and offered to not only host the event, but to let him work there every day to prepare for it.
Having Miles constantly in my space was even harder than I imagined. It was more than the heat in the kitchen that set things ablaze between us. There was a chemistry there, sizzling beneath the surface, ready to explode.
With my reputation at stake and a heart to protect, I couldn’t afford to lose.
May the best chef win!

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