Alien’s Surrender by Harper Rosling (ePUB)

alien's surrender, harper rosling

Alien’s Surrender by Harper Rosling – Free eBooks Download


I’m a scrapper. A West Virginia country girl.
But none of that matters when I wake up in a space capsule lost on an alien planet.

Becky Ann
Right off, I shift into my survival mode. Shelter, water and food, stay alive. What I find instead is a couple of freaking tall aliens. Enormous males, brawling in the middle of the jungle.
That’s not my usual Monday morning.
I hold my breath, sink into the shadows, just as the bigger beast turns my way. He can’t see me, but he knows I’m here.
Well. Dang. This can’t be good.

I don’t tolerate invaders on my planet. But the scent of this little intruder makes me feral. I must find her. And make her mine
I stalk the planet hunting for my female, but the little human is cunning. She evades me, and all I have is the faint whiff of her scent. Which only makes my need for her grow. The chase makes me hunger to claim her. But the little minx tricks me. She sets a trap and snares me.
Which pleases me. Now all I have to do is wait for her to come to me. I might be snared, but I’m nowhere near trapped.

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