Alien’s Luck by Nancey Cummings (ePUB)

alien's luck, nancey cummings

Alien’s Luck (Outlaw Planet Mates) by Nancey Cummings – Free eBooks Download


Being abducted by aliens was the best thing to ever happen to Carla.

She was failing at being an adult: no job, no love life, and on the brink of eviction. But her luck changed the night the aliens snatched her.
Now she’s on an outlaw planet filled with the worst people the universe has to offer. Is it tough? Absolutely, but Carla isn’t merely surviving. She’s thriving.
She has a nice little con going. While she plays the weak and frightened human, her partner in crime robs the marks. Simple. Easy. Profitable.
Until that gargoyle got involved.
Ari fancies himself some type of do-gooder, swooping in to rescue her when she’s doing just fine, thanks. So what if he’s charming and good looking for a guy with skin that can turn to stone? Not to mention the pair of wings he’s sporting or the crown of horns that makes her wonder what it’d be like to grab, yank him down to look him right in the eyes and kiss him…
Nope. She’s not attracted to him. Be quiet.
One wrong roll of the dice and a job goes wrong. Now she’s stuck with the infuriatingly cocky gargoyle. If this rock-headed alien thinks she’ll make this easy, well, his luck just ran out.

Alien’s Luck is a stand alone adventure in on an outlaw planet with an HEA and no cheating.

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