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alien's crush, eden ember

Alien’s Crush (Outlaw Planet Mates) by Eden Ember – Free eBooks Download


An abduction from Earth forever changed Katarina’s life.

On Earth, she was a nobody at a no-end job with endless debt while living up to the American dream. Oddly, the abduction changed her life for the better.
Once she learned to communicate with the aliens on Reazus Prime, she used her people skills to side-hustle a living, staying in old dives, and sometimes even living with others just to stay warm and dry.
Then she met the Griffin.
Thaumas took an immediate liking to Katarina and thought she liked him, too. When his company of Griffins had to move on, he couldn’t leave the lovely little human behind. She refused to go with him, but no isn’t in his vocabulary. Besides, as a self-proclaimed Lord Griffin, he took his liberties and snatched her right up out of the commune of mismatched aliens and fled.
At first, she feigned horror at being kidnapped. Secretly, it thrilled her, a new adventure with a very muscular being who wanted her.
How dangerous could this be? She’ll find out soon enough if the Alien Crush will protect her from the dark threats in his world on the outlaw planet.

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