Alien Soldier’s Slave Bride by Juno Wells (ePUB)

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Alien Soldier’s Slave Bride (Draconian Warriors #12) by Juno Wells – Free eBooks Download


I’ve been owned by aliens for longer than most humans have been alive but haven’t given up on the one thing I want. Freedom.
Spirited away from Earth at fourteen, sold from one species to another and pumped full of antiaging hormones to ensure I stayed in prime condition, my mind ages but my body never does. When whatever ship I’m on gets raided, I get new owners.
I’ve never seen anything like the dragon warriors storming through the door today. They’re fierce and claim to be our rescuers, but I’ve been owned by aliens far too long to take them at their word. If they give me an inch, I’ll take a mile because I’ve got to get home or die trying.

A special mission from my chain of command sends me right back in the last place I want to be. Dracon space. Once more I’m surrounded by Draconian queens who are all infected with vicious parasites. Somehow, I’m to instigate a rebellion and scourge them from this sector of space.
Then I rescue a human queen. She is nothing like the sweet humans who mated my sons. This woman is intent on claiming me to get control of my ship. Yet I can hardly breathe when her fingers ghost across my cheek. I have to pull together an alliance and keep this woman from breaking it.
If I can then we might make it out of this war alive.

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