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alien rogue, chloe parker

Alien Rogue (Cosmic Mates #1) by Chloe Parker – Free eBooks Download


I’m the only person who can save humanity—but I’ll have to seduce an alien warlord to do it.
When the Skoropi abducted me, I thought things couldn’t get worse. Then I realized they intend on attacking my planet and killing my people.
Now, I’m captive to an alien warlord on his living ship, and the only way I can convince him to help humanity is by letting him think I’m his. Zandro says he’s doing all this to keep me safe, but I don’t care if I’m safe when Earth is at risk.
But I’m starting to think I wouldn’t mind letting him claim me.
I know the things Zandro could do to me—wants to do to me, with his claws, his forked and pierced tongue, and his dexterous tail. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad belonging to this alien rogue, if my people’s survival didn’t hang in the balance.
I’m going to save Earth. Zandro will help me.
And if he does, I’ll be his queen.

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