Alien Quarantine Rescue by Robin Lovett (ePUB)

quarantine rescue, robin lovett

Alien Quarantine Rescue (Fated Mates #1) by Robin Lovett – Free eBooks Download


I’ve been alone in quarantine for five years. Then a hot alien lands in my yard claiming he’ll give me antibodies to the virus with his vibrating… Well, you know.
I haven’t touched anyone, let alone slept with anyone, since the Beerona Virus killed half of Earth’s population. This virus mutates faster than scientists can create a vaccine for it. I’ve lost all my family and all hope of seeing my friends again.

Until a naked, silver alien comes for me. The only words he knows are “Give antibodies” and “Mine.”

He could be lying. He could have Beerona. I could be dead in three days after the virus eats me from the inside out. But I haven’t had sex in so long, and he’s as strong as a gladiator, as beautiful as Adonis, and did I mention his big… Yeah, it really vibrates.
He needs things from me. Things he’s not telling me. He might be here to kidnap me, to take me back to his ship. I don’t know. But if he can give me antibodies, I could get my life back. I could have my friends and hugs…

And tons of filthy, mind-blowing alien sex.
What should I do? Should I open the door?
Would you let him in?

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