Alien Owned by Cari Silverwood (ePUB)

alien owned, cari silverwood

Alien Owned (Ravaged #2) by Cari Silverwood – Free eBooks Download


When you’ve f**ked up the known universe it tends to ruin things.

My name is Charlotte and a big green mean machine has captured me. Okay, he’s an orc but he has spikes on his biceps, which is plain wrong.
Truthfully, I had despaired of life, and he did rescue me, but this excruciating attraction we have for each other is unacceptable when he is an ORC and I am human.
Neither of us wants to give in to these animalistic desires.
And I cannot tell him the consequences of my stupid revenge, but if I don’t this starship may never arrive at its destination.
When he shows me compassion as well as love, understanding instead of hate, and when he refuses to treat me like a toy to be used in bed, I am undone.
How can I tell him that I am the real monster?
This might be the last time I will ever curl up in his lap.
Get your steamy monster fix here! Contains one messy, slippery, slick-loaded, MfM monster-sharing scene.

Although these orcs drink coffee and travel on starships, they are not civilised. You can take them to the stars but you will never take the axes from their big, gnarly fists or the sexy growls from their throats.

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